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Submit a meter read

If you're reading your own meter, you will need your NMI and meter numbers, both can be found on your most recent Synergy account.

You can submit your reading:

Please note:

  • If we don't receive your reading by the due date, we'll estimate the reading based on previous electricity use.
  • If you read your own meter on arrangement with Synergy, you are required to assist us by submitting a photograph of the meter/s at your property once per year. Please see our FAQ on how to provide us with your annual read.

Self-reading online and phone service user guides

New to self-reading or need a refresher?  Please see our online and phone service user guides. These will help with providing your readings to us quickly and easily and setting up email or SMS reading reminders.

How do I read my meter

As a self-read customer, it is important that you understand how to read your meter. Entering the correct information, when providing us with your meter reading, will ensure that you're billed accurately. Refer to the How to guides below to assist you with how to read your particular meter type.

If you have a digital meter, refer to the first 4 digits of the meter serial number and refer to the relevant brochure.

Energy bill example showing meter usage figures

Self reader portal

Submit your meter read online