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Make the safe call

Make the safe call 13 13 51 24/7 Emergency Line

Prepare for a safe storm season

Severe storms and strong winds can blow branches and debris into powerlines. It's important to know how to prepare and stay safe.

The safe distance between a tree and powerline depends on where you live.

Drag both markers to set the distance you think is safe for your property, and see if you’re right. You’ll be tested for urban areas first.

What should you do to stay safe.
Check your property

Make sure all trees are at a safe distance and loose items can be secured in the event of a storm.

Prepare an outage kit

Have a kit prepared with torches, spare batteries and first aid supplies in the event of a power outage.

How to prepare for storms

5 steps to help you get ready for seasonal storms - Find out how

See why you should prepare for storms.

Check out the video

Secure loose items on your property.

High winds can send all sorts of things flying into a powerline, which can result in an outage or imminent danger.

Generate Wind
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Power's out!
Damaged powerlines could result in extended power outages and danger for those around.
Remember to clear any debris and secure any loose items before a storm approaches.
Start again
Who's responsibility is it to ensure trees stay clear of powerlines?
It depends on where it's located.
Play video

This short video could save your life

Electricity can travel through the ground

Drag the marker to set the distance you think is safe to stay away from a fallen powerline.

If you see a fallen powerline
Stay at least 8 metres away and make the safe call to Western Power on 13 13 51