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Projects and trials

What are we up to?

Explore the interactive map to view all the project and trials happening around WA.

Perth Albany Bremer Bay Ravensthorpe Kalgoorlie Perenjori Geraldton Kalbarri
Stand-alone power systems

Changing the lives of our regional customers, SPS units create enough reliable and renewable energy to power a whole farm.

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Smart streetlights

New technology that provides communities with an enhanced streetlighting product that can automatically report its own faults for quicker repairs and can be dimmed/brightened remotely.

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Bringing together wind, solar, batteries and the main grid, microgrids are an elegant solution that makes the most of localised power.

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Community batteries

A shared and convenient grid resource, community batteries store customers’ excess solar energy and allows them to access it again at peak times.

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Advanced meters

The next generation of technology that will enable new energy opportunities, advanced meters provide automatic insights into faults and power use.

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The way we use power is changing. Find out about the new projects, trials and technologies that are connecting everyone in the community to an exciting energy future.