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Online services

Apply for a residential connection

Maybe you've just purchased a block of land and want to power up a shed, perhaps you're re-developing an existing dwelling into a triplex - whatever the reason if you require a new connection you'll find the answers here.

Apply for a commercial connection

Getting ready for business and the lights have never been on? Whatever the new power need in a commercial premise, we'll help determine what connection suits your needs.


Need to disconnect your electricity supply or isolate the electricity network?

Modify your power supply

Sometimes your energy needs change or you want underground power.

New meter installations

Find information on the application process & contacts for a new meter connection.

Temporary power

Temporary power supply allows builders and trades to work when there is no permanent connection to the site. To set up a temporary supply account contact your retailer and then refer to one of these services.

Application for clearance

If you're subdividing your land, you'll need to apply for clearance once you have Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) approval.

Technical training and authorisation

We offer a range of technical training through our registered training organisation, Power Training Services WA, located in Jandakot, WA.

Licensing & training

Professionals can find information relating to licensing & training offered by Western Power training services.

Remove or relocate our equipment

There are many reasons why our infrastructure may need to be removed or relocated. Whatever the reason this is the page to help get the process underway.

Working near transmission and communication assets

We can provide specific network data that may be useful for your job risk assessment/safe work method statement.