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Maximum demand calculator

Design After Diversity Maximum Demand (DADMD) is the maximum demand which the electrical distribution network (local transformer) is capable of supplying expressed as an average per dwelling. The DADMD calculator determines the maximum power requirements for a proposed subdivision.

How the DADMD values are obtained

DADMD values are based on undeveloped land prices. They do not include the cost of a dwelling.

The DADMDs increase in step increments. These increments are based on two and four times the median property values for metropolitan and Mandurah areas. The median property price is obtained quarterly from REIWA.

The DADMD calculator reduces anticipated load requirements for higher density developments. There are three ranges available, single residential to quadruplex, 5 to 10 units and over 10 units per lot.

Lot price / dwelling Single to quadruplex Less than 10 units More than 10 units
$512,000 or less 4.7 kVA 3.5 kVA 3.1 kVA
$512,001 to $1,024,000 6.2 kVA 4.4 kVA 4.0 kVA
Above $1,024,000 8.7 kVA 5.9 kVA 5.4 kVA
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