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Solar connections

Solar connections

Single line diagram

A single line diagram (SLD) needs to contain information on the installation wiring from the point of supply off the Western Power network, through to all the inverters on site, including where the customer’s load is connected. 

It also needs to contain information on all protection devices and switches, as well as any communications required to achieve the desired operation of the system (i.e. self-consumption, export limit, etc.).

SLDs must use correct electrical symbols (as per Table J1 of AS/NZS 3000:2018) and should contain at least, but not limited to, the following... Read more

Date effective: 1 January 2018-->

The terms used in these conditions have the same meaning as in the Electricity Networks Access Code 2004.

1. The approved inverter system must not be connected after the expiry date recorded on the approval.

2. Approval is void should the application details be subsequently found to be invalid.

3. All installations must:

Have Western Power approved import/export metering

Be installed as detailed in the approved application (including diagrams)

Have switches/breakers installed to legislative and network operator requirements

4. For new installations:

New inverters must... Read more