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Solar, batteries & electric vehicles

How to connect your system to our network

We need to assess all customer generating equipment for impact to our network before approving for connection.
Our assessment process differs depending on the total kVA of all systems attached to your connection point.

A system is all generating equipment, such as PV panels, batteries and inverters.
A connection point is where your consumer mains connects to our network. This may be an underground service pillar or an overhead service cable.

You may share your connection point with others – if you are in a strata development or are connected via a main switchboard. We consider all equipment attached to a shared connection point during our assessment.

Information on approved suppliers and products, accredited installers and government incentives is available from the Clean Energy Council website

Our Network Integration Guidelines provide guidance for connecting inverter systems.

Please select the application that matches the type and total kVA of your system


An inverter system with capacity to 10kVA per phase

Use this form if

You're installing an electricity generating system (such as solar panels) that will feed the Western Power network through inverters.


You need to submit a new application if you want to add to, change or relocate your inverters or batteries, or add another generation source.

Who can apply?

As the electricity account holder, you are responsible for the connection of your system to the Western Power network.

However; you may authorise your system supplier to apply for you, so please check with them to confirm what action you need to take.

How long will it take?

We will contact you within 10 business days to let you know if your application is approved, not approved, needing more information, or sent for technical assessment. Allow an additional 30 business days for a technical assessment.

How much will it cost?

There is no fee for this application. However, your retailer may apply a charge e.g. for updating your meter.

What information do I need?

Details of your connection point
Your system may only be connected to a permanent connection point and meter. The phase (size) of your inverter should not exceed your supply phase.

If you are building a new home and need to have your system installed during construction then discuss with your electrical contractor having a permanent meter of suitable capacity connected.

Technical details of your system
You will need to know the technical specifications of the equipment that you already have connected as well as the equipment that you now wish to add.

Retailer reference number
Discuss your plans with your electricity retailer. They will advise you on how your system will affect your electricity account and meter.  Your retailer will provide the retailer reference number (RRN) you need when you apply to us.

What is technical assessment?

Systems which meet certain criteria such as having energy storage; inverter capacity over 5kVA; generation other than PV panels or a non-standard connection point require assessment by an electrical designer or engineer.

We will advise you if your application is sent for technical assessment and we may request additional information such as site or single line diagrams.

What happens if my system is approved?

We will send an approval letter
When we approve your system we will email the applicant (you and/or your nominated supplier), and inform your electricity retailer.


See Conditions of Approval 


Your electricity retailer will update your meter
Your meter may be replaced or re-configured. Ask your electricity retailer for information on how long this will take and what cost is involved.
A green IMPORT/EXPORT sticker will be placed on your meter once completed.

Is my meter set up for import/export?

Check for a green IMPORT/EXPORT sticker on your meter.

If not then please contact your electricity retailer to confirm that the meter is set up for import/export.

When can I connect my system?

You need both the following before connecting your system:

  • You (or your supplier) have our approval letter
  • Your meter is set up for import/export

 A Notice of Completion must be submitted by the electrical contractor within 3 days of the system being connected.

How do I maintain my system?

Contact your installer or electrical contractor for information on maintaining, repairing or upgrading your system.  The Clean Energy Council website also contains useful information.

My application was declined – what do I do?

If your application is not approved, we will provide information on alternative options.  These options will help you decide whether to alter your proposed system or to modify your connection point before re-applying for approval.


Apply here 


Non-inverter energy systems

Use this service if

You're installing an electricity generating system (such as synchronous generators) that will connect to the Western Power grid.

How much will it cost?

  • Enquiry fee - $3500 + processing costs
  • Application fee - $5000 + processing costs

How long will it take?

We will contact you within 2 business days.


Enquire here 


A system with a total capacity greater than 30kVA and no more than 150kVA

Use this service if

You want to connect an embedded generation system greater than 30kVA and no more than 150kVA

How much will it cost?

$250 enquiry fee

$5,000 application fee

How long will it take?

We will contact you within 3 business days


Enquire here

Apply here


An electric vehicle to grid (V2G) system

Use this service if

You want to connect an electric vehicle to our network to send power to the network or to control the charging of your vehicle's battery in response to changing network conditions.

How much will it cost?


 There is no fee for this enquiry.

How long will it take?

We will contact you within 10 business days.


Enquire here 

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