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What we do

Western Power is a Western Australian State Government owned corporation with the purpose of connecting people with electricity in a way that is safe, reliable and affordable. 

Western Power’s vast transmission and distribution network connects Western Australians to a wide range of both traditional and renewable energy sources to power a vibrant modern lifestyle. Although we have been delivering energy safely, reliably and efficiently for more than 70 years, our focus is always firmly on the future.

In a rapidly changing landscape, our customers’ energy needs are evolving, and we intend to keep them connected every step of the way. Whether it’s residents connecting their dream home, developers building a shopping complex or a stadium hosting a world class sporting event, we are there to deliver.

We are proud of our history and our people, and even prouder to be at the heart of Western Australia’s energy future.


Western Power Value Chain

Our network coverage

We build, maintain and operate the electricity network in the south west corner of Western Australia. The Western Power Network forms the vast majority of the South West Interconnected Network (SWIN), which together with all of the electricity generators, comprises the South West Interconnected System (SWIS).

Western Power Network Coverage Operate in the South-West Corner of Western Australia Western Power Network Coverage Operate in the South-West Corner of Western Australia

101,097 km

That's the total length of powerlines we manage, enough to wrap around the earth's equator 2 times.

Our values

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    In everything we do, we are committed to putting safety first
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    We deliver on our promises
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    We are open, honest and consistent

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    We are a service business
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    We respect ourselves, others and the environment