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Electronic ticketing (ETIC)

If you're an electrical contractor working on installations connected to the Western Power grid you can register for Western Power’s Electronic Ticketing (ETIC) application.

By using ETIC you can electronically submit Preliminary Notices and Notices of Completion details to us.

EnergySafety’s new eNotice system will allow electrical contractors to submit Preliminary Notices, Notices of Completion and Electrical Safety Certificates electronically.  As a result, Western Power will decommission ETIC once software integration with eNotice has been completed.

There is no change for current ETIC users and Contractor Connect/SACS participants.  Please continue to submit all Notices using ETIC.  We will let you know when to start using eNotice to submit your Notices and Safety Certificates, and when ETIC will be decommissioned.

  • Compliance with regulations 51 & 52 of the Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991
  • Easy submission of notices within 3 days of work
  • Verifies the date your notices were submitted to Western Power
  • Automatically verifies your licence information held by EnergySafety
  • Safety Certificate is automatically generated so can be emailed or printed at any time
  • Retrieve historical notices - search by notice number, address, meter number, date
  • Copy previous notices to submit multiple tickets quickly
  • Up front address and meter validation
  • No more notices returned for insufficient details or illegible handwriting
  • All required information is collected in ETIC e.g. no separate solar install form
  • Keep copies of your notices electronically – no more paper
  • Multiple staff can submit notices wherever they have internet access
  • Save time and money with no postage or faxing


Notices issued by In-House licence holders cannot be submitted through ETIC.

How to register for ETIC

  • Confirm eligibility

    To be eligible to register as an ETIC user, you must be:

    a. a currently licenced electrical contractor in Western Australia; and
    b. your company has an electrical nominee registered with EnergySafety who holds a current electrician’s licence

    To update your licence details, complete and submit the application to change details form to EnergySafety

  • Register your business

    The registered Management Representative for the electrical contractor completes an Application for Electrical Contractors ETIC Account

  • Link your staff

    Once the electrical contractor entity has been registered, you can link your administration staff and electrical nominees directly to your account to upload Notice details, certify Notices on your behalf (nominee) and view the current status of Notices

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