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What more do I need to know about the installation of a streetlight?

  • Before applying you need to have approval from the local government authority
  • Information on our standard and decorative streetlights is available in the Distribution design catalogue
  • When you have accepted your design, please peg the streetlight locations on site before construction starts
  • If any of your streetlights will be located on water, gas or communications, the utility that owns them will need to approve it. You can find information on their methods in the Utility Code of Practice
  • If you would like to relocate a streetlight within a transmission easement, get a technical evaluation from us first
  • The standard alignment for our streetlights is:
    • 2.7m from the lot boundary or
    • 1m from the curb on a straight section of road or
    • 0.7m from the curb on curved sections of road with speed limits of 70km/h or less.

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