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What more do I need to know about a single phase to multi-phase conversion?

  • Before you purchase any materials and begin work on the installation, please ensure that three phase is available to your property. Please keep in mind that:
    • A three phase supply may not be readily available at all new or existing lots; there may be network availability limitations
    • It is not uncommon for regional distribution systems to comprise of only single or two phase capacity.
    • There are two policies; the Single Phase Underground Distribution System and the Single Phase Underground Rural Supply System which, if your area is affected by, will preclude you from three phase power
  • We will usually install a pillar in these circumstances. The pillar location will need to meet clearance requirements
  • Your electrical contractor will need to complete the installation by installing your meter and terminating the consumer mains
  • If your consumer mains are larger than 35mm2, we will need to terminate them for you instead

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