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What more do I need to know about a large commercial connection?

  • These type of connections usually require a substation.
  • There are some physical clearances that are required between the electricity network and your equipment.
  • When you’re considering your substation site, please read the Western Power Distribution Substation Manual.
  • If you would like to apply for a non-compliant site please submit a feasibility study and one of our consultant engineers will let you know if it can be used.
  • The final specifications for the substation requirements will be determined when our engineers create your design. This means that the substation site you provide may be subject to change.
  • We will install the substation as part of the construction works; however you will need to prepare the site in advance. Some assistance can be found in the Western Australian Distribution Connection Manual.
  • If your supply will be greater than 100A your electrical contractor will provide the appropriate sized current transformers.
  • Your electrical contractor will need to complete the installation of direct metering.
  • We will be responsible for terminating the consumer mains into the kiosk or transformer.
  • If your property will have multiple points of supply, then check compliance information from the West Australian Electrical Requirements.
  • In some cases non-compliant points of supply might still be viable, if you would like explore this option please submit a feasibility study.
  • If you intend to have a new or altered high voltage installation, your electrical contractor will need to submit a HV submission. Please note, this submission doesn’t need to be included with your application, but you will need to submit it before requesting the energisation of your installation.
  • If you are connected to the high voltage network, at 11kV and 22kV discrete loads up to 4MVA can generally be supplied to one switchboard. Discrete loads 4MVA up to 8MVA must be split evenly across two switchboards (with a maximum of 4MVA per switchboard). For discrete loads above 8MVA, we will assess them on an individual basis.

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Kalgoorlie storm response

Update 19 November 2017 - 6.30pm

We have restored electricity to about 3,000 customers in the Kalgoorlie-Boulder area since the wild storms that struck the Goldfields yesterday.

We have eight extra specialist crews in the region working into the night to restore power as safely and as quickly possible to our other 14,000 customers currently without electricity.

Further restorations are expected this evening, but people - especially those with an individual connection wire from their house to the network that has been brought down by debris - should be preparing for a night without power.

In some limited cases those individual customers may be without power for several days more until connections can be repaired and tested and declared safe by authorised specialists.

Four 500kVA Western Power Emergency Generators will be used to assist in restoration and other critical infrastructure when it is safe to do so. Two nursing homes have had power restored with the use of generators.

We are continuing to focus efforts on lines that can restore power and services to critical infrastructure and large numbers of customers in an attempt to return power as quickly and as safely to as many people as possible.

The priority areas for our crews at the moment are in Coolgardie, Kambalda, Boulder, Lionel West , Somerville and Picadilly South, the central business district and Hannan and Porter Streets in Kalgoorlie.

Over 173 hazards were registered with Western Power which has been reduced substantially but there are still a number of hazards left to attend, and our crews are discovering more hazards as they move through the network frustrating our progress.

If you see a fallen powerline or damaged pole call make the safe call to Western Power on 13 13 51 or if it is a life-threatening emergency, please call 000.

Power outage map for restoration times.