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Transition from ETIC to eNotice for electrical contractors

We will be shutting down Electronic Ticketing (ETIC) in early 2018, after which all electronic notices will need to be submitted through EnergySafety’s eNotice.

At the commencement of the shutdown phase, we will restrict ETIC’s functionality, which means you will no longer be able to submit a Preliminary notice in ETIC – you must use EnergySafety’s eNotice.

EnergySafety’s eNotice is a web-based facility used for the electronic lodgement of Preliminary Notices, Notices of Completion and Electrical Safety Certificates for electrical work. It is free to register and use. For further information about EnergySafety’s eNotice, please visit

We will commence an ETIC ‘shutdown’ period within the first couple of months of 2018. As a first step, we will remove the ability to submit a new Preliminary notice. After a period of time, we will then completely shut down ETIC. There will be communication of all the important dates with industry so there is plenty of time to prepare for the change. A reminder, once ETIC is completely shut down, any new electronic notices will be lodged through EnergySafety’s eNotice.

If you are a Contractor Connect or SACS accredited electrical contractor, please continue to submit your notices via ETIC until we advise otherwise.

Likewise if you submit large volumes of notices via ETIC, please continue to use ETIC until we advise otherwise.

We will no longer accept Preliminary notices in ETIC within the first couple of months of 2018. Important dates will be communicated with industry in the near future.

You are encouraged to complete any notices in ETIC from now, right up until ETIC is completely shut down. This will ensure you experience a smooth transition to EnergySafety’s eNotice. Please note, any notices that are not completed after the shutdown date will not be moved across to EnergySafety’s eNotice

If you have not been able to submit your Notice of Completion in ETIC, you can simply quote your ETIC Preliminary notice number in the comments section on your Notice of Completion in eNotice.

Once ETIC is shut down, you will not have the ability to review any previously submitted notices. We recommend you print copies of any notices you may want to refer to, prior to ETIC being shut down.

We have developed new service request forms, which will provide electrical contractors with a single location to submit a network service request via our website. These forms are:

  • Western Power to fit meter
  • Isolate existing supply to add meter
  • Conversion of phase
  • Temporary disconnect and reconnect
  • Temporary overhead supply
  • Overhead to underground

The new service request forms will be an easier way to request services and will require upfront payment. The new forms will be launched early 2018.

From this date, the method of requesting services will depend on which method was used to submit the related notice:

  • If you use EnergySafety’s eNotice – use the new service request form
  • If you use ETIC – use the ‘old’ Online Network Service Request
  • If you submit paper notices – use the new service request form

Once the service request forms have been launched, we will no longer accept Online Network Service Requests in relation to paper or eNotices. Further details regarding cut-off dates will be communicated closer to the time.

We will require up-front payment, via credit card, for the same service requests which currently require payment. These services are:

  • Western Power to fit meter (install of 1–2 meters)
  • Isolate existing supply to add meter (install of 1–2 meters)
  • Conversion of phase
  • Temporary disconnect and reconnect
  • Temporary overhead supply 

We will launch a new page on our website dedicated to service requests in early 2018. You will be able to find it under the Connections section.

If you currently lodge notices with our ETIC system and would like further information, please contact us on 13 10 87 or email


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