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Suppliers and tenderers FAQs


Suppliers can register their interest by completing the supplier registration form. Western Power maintains a registry of suppliers wishing to provide goods and/or services. However, it does not guarantee being given the opportunity to formally quote for tender. Suppliers are assessed in accordance with our policies and guidelines. Only forms that have the mandatory fields completed can be submitted for assessment. Information to assist you with completing the form can be obtained by emailing Procurement Operations –

Preferred Vendor ship arrangements are established to pre-qualify suppliers for specific goods or services. Being a preferred vendor does not guarantee any work, however it does ensure that the ordering process under the arrangement is more streamlined and does not require suppliers to resubmit their standard safety, environment and quality information, or departures from the commercial documentation.

No, Western Power seeks to obtain the best value for money when purchasing goods and services from external providers. Value for money comprises price, quality, relevant experience, track record, timeliness of delivery and a number of other factors.

Only under certain guidelines and not during times of Technical Specification development or during the period of an open tender.

Western Power’s purchase orders contain general terms and conditions. If the purchase order is issued under an existing contract between Western Power and the supplier, then the terms of that existing contract will apply. In these circumstances, the purchase order will include a reference to the contract number of that existing contract. 

Where there is no existing contract between Western Power and the supplier, Western Power’s purchase order terms and conditions will apply.


Ariba is Western Power’s online e-procurement system. Ariba enables Western Power to manage the tendering process electronically as well as conduct online auctions for some procurement activities. Additionally, Western Power has now initiated its Procure to Pay (P2P) module through Ariba allowing for electronic ordering and invoicing through Ariba.
If you are invited to respond to a tender you will be requested to create a profile in Ariba and respond via the Ariba system.

Suppliers can select the 'Forgot your username or password' link on the login page. This will redirect you to answer a question to verify your authenticity. Once you have answered these questions you will be emailed your username or password.

All you need to know about submitting tenders can be found in the Ariba e-Procurement System instructions. To view the presentation in slideshow mode press the F5 key on your keyboard.

Mandatory questions are marked with an ‘*’, which requires a compulsory answer. If the question is not applicable just put ‘Not Applicable’ as your response.

When opening an attachment in Ariba either choose "Download This Attachment" only or nominate a location to download all attachments that is easily accessible.

Ariba Supplier Network – Procure to Pay

Western Power already uses Ariba’s eProcurement solution for our end-to-end sourcing process which allows suppliers to respond to RFP/RFT’s and submit proposals. Western Power is now using the Ariba Procure to Pay module. This involves the ordering (Purchase Orders/Contract Service Orders) and invoicing process to be electronic through the Ariba interface.

Suppliers will be given the option to sign up to the Ariba Supplier Network. This will enable our suppliers to transact electronically, instantly and in an efficient manner with Western Power; as an integrated partner within the procurement workflow.
Suppliers will also be able to define their own level of account configuration and be able to develop catalogues for Western Power to purchase from. Some suppliers may even choose to integrate their financial systems with the network for maximum benefit.

Suppliers will be able to share a range of benefits with Western Power, including virtual and instantaneous collaboration, which will be more streamlined, automated and overall efficient. Ariba will also enable greater levels of accuracy and visibility for both Western Power and suppliers at a transactional level. Suppliers will also have access to Ariba Discovery which enables suppliers to respond to new business opportunities and leads internationally.

No. Transacting via the Ariba Supplier Network is Western Powers preferred method of transacting going forward however; signing up to the Ariba supplier network is optional.
We believe there are substantial benefits for suppliers who decide to do so. Support will be given to all suppliers to help them decide if joining the network is right for them.

If you would like to Register now please contact the Procurement Hotline on (08) 9326 4950. Ariba will be issuing introductory letters to all active suppliers on Western Power’s behalf in a waved approach. The Ariba team will follow up with each supplier and provide guidance on the registration and account set up process.

A fee will be applied for some suppliers. This fee is set by and paid to Ariba and is not revenue generating for Western Power. The Ariba supplier enablement team can provide advice on fees and whether any cost may be incurred.

The Ariba support team can be contacted via They will be able to provide technical advice in the lead up to transitioning to Ariba P2P. The remit of this team will be to support suppliers with the registration process and help them configure their accounts, set up catalogues and integrate their financial systems if this is desirable. For ongoing technical support and help relating to the day to day us of the Network please see or alternatively call the Ariba Support group on 1800 993 346.

If you would like to contact Western Power directly with any questions about the Ariba supplier network please use the feedback form and your enquiry will be directed to the appropriate Western Power representative.


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