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Claims FAQs

We try to identify the cause of any power outage that may have occurred around the time of your loss or damage. We aim to advise you in writing of our assessment of your claim within 10 working days of receiving your claim. Complex claims will likely take longer to assess.

We will let you know in writing if documentation is required, after we assess your claim. If so, you will need to provide photocopies of unmodified receipts or repair reports. We reserve the right to view original documents.

Items damaged as a result of the incident should not be disposed of until the claim has been resolved (excluding food).

We help customers meet the fair and reasonable cost of repairs or damage under certain circumstances:

  • incorrect action by us
  • failure or inappropriate operation of Western Power equipment.

Where appropriate, we meet the replacement cost of "like with like", rather than "new for old".

We do not reimburse GST when compensating business customers who lodge GST input tax credits, and claim from the Australian Tax Office.

We are unable to compensate customers for loss or damage that occurs as a result of events or circumstances outside our control including:

  • trees or overgrown vegetation clashing with powerlines
  • contact by birds or animals
  • motor vehicles colliding with power poles
  • bushfires
  • vandalism
  • lightning, storms, wind-borne debris
  • events caused by pollution
  • third party interference to the electricity system

If we decline your claim, then you may wish to pursue compensation through your insurance company. Your insurer may require a copy of our assessment letter advising the cause of the power outage.


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Kalgoorlie storm response

Update 20 November 2017 - 1pm

We have restored more than 6,000 customers since the wild storms struck the area on Saturday night. There are another 10,000 to go with many individual jobs to fix.

We have one major line to repair from our Piccadilly substation and then all lines from that site will be repaired. All going well, this will see electricity restored for a large number of customers in Boulder by this evening.

Fresh crews are onsite in Kambalda and we are also aiming to have power to most of the town by this evening. But there is damage across a wide area which is hampering our restoration efforts.

As we move through and systematically return power to the network there may be some frustration from homes and businesses as parts of suburbs will come on before others. This is because they are fed from a different line. In addition, some suburbs with underground power are fed from damaged overhead lines.

This is what has happened in parts of Piccadilly and Lamington in Kalgoorlie. We understand the confusion this is causing but we ask for continuing patience as we work to return network power.

In preparation for restoration, we ask homes and businesses to please make sure that RCD’s have been reset and property damage repairs are made by a qualified electrician.

We cannot reconnect service lines to homes if your private connection is not safe.

We also have three electrical inspectors that will assess the work done to private residences to make sure the connection is ready and safe for network connection.

Our control centre will systematically re-energise parts of the network once they are cleared and made safe by crews.

Although the majority of hazards have been cleared there are still repairs that need to be completed to return some customers to network power. The widespread nature of the damage means some individual homes will be without power for several days. Most schools in the region are closed today. But we are hoping to have the bulk of the Goldfields region with power by today.

We have also had some customers inquire about vouchers and compensation. Western Power's depot in Kalgoorlie is operational only and does not have any of these forms.

Customers who are eligible for the 12 hour extended $80 outages payment from the State Government can access those forms from our website. This payment is not designed to compensate for all losses. It is an acknowledgement of the inconvenience of long outages. You should contact your insurer to inquire about further damages claims.

If you see a fallen powerline of damaged pole call make the safe call to Western Power on 13 13 51 or if it is a life-threatening emergency, please call 000.

Power outage map for restoration times.