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Technical training and authorisation

Western Power offers a range of technical training through its Registered Training Organisation, Power Training Services WA, located at Jandakot WA.

Power Training Services WA's nationally accredited technical training team delivers a range of quality, structured technical training courses and programs to staff, contractors, external companies and individuals. In addition we also offer a range of nationally recognised, competency-based training programs.

Once all training requirements have been met all operational workers requiring access to a Western Power construction site (as defined in the WA Occupational Safety and Health Regulations) are required to hold a Network Authority Card prior to commencing work on the Western Power network.

All applications for new Network Authority Cards or updates to existing authorisations are managed by the authorisations team and can be contacted at and on the authorisations hotline (08) 9411 7868.

Information about training courses and enrolments

Power Training Services WA
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