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Report a faulty streetlight

For any dangerous hazards or faults please call 13 13 51

How to report a faulty streetlight?
Search for a location and click the orange dot that represents the streetlight that's faulty, if multiple lights are out click multiple dots. Then fill out the details in the form and click submit.

How long does it take to repair a faulty streetlight?
Streetlight faults are normally fixed within 5 working days in the metropolitan area and 9 working days in rural areas. In most cases, we fix the fault on the day of inspection. In areas where the power supply is underground, repairs may take longer if a fault in the underground cable needs to be located and repaired. If the underground cable needs to be fully replaced, this adds further complexity and time to the job.   

Can’t find a street light?
We install and maintain streetlights on behalf of most local councils. Councils control the location, brightness and number of streetlights in their area. Freeway and main arterial road lighting is installed and maintained by Main Roads Western Australia. If you are unsure please don’t hesitate to speak to us by calling 1800 622 008.

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Report a faulty streetlight

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