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100MW Industry Challenge

Future proofing WA's energy landscape

We are partnering with businesses in WA to pilot how load flexibility services can help to future proof WA’s energy landscape.

The energy landscape is transforming. With a global trend towards decarbonisation, more customers are choosing renewable energy sources to meet their changing energy needs. In a sunny state like WA, it’s no surprise the penetration of rooftop solar panels continues to rise year-on-year.  

With our customers now not only consuming energy but also supplying energy, we’re changing the way we manage our network to enable this two-way flow of energy. We’re working proactively with our channel partner network and businesses to explore opportunities available to generate, use and supply energy more effectively.

During mild temperatures, where there is a reduced need for heating and cooling, clear sunny weather allows solar PV generation to thrive. When this occurs, it can result in variance between increasing supply and decreasing demand for energy, this is known as a ‘system low’. Where load levels drop too low, our network can experience issues.

The 100MW Industry Challenge

The 100MW Industry Challenge will see us partner with businesses in WA, either directly or through our channel partner network, to provide load flexibility to support system low days. This will help us future proof WA’s energy landscape.

Our partners will receive financial benefits for their flexibility contribution which will enable us to manage the integration of renewables on the network.

The benefits of participating in the 100MW Industry Challenge:

  • financial incentives for your flexibility contribution
  • the opportunity to be a part of innovation and shape the energy future for all Western Australian communities
  • flexibility and choice in the way your business uses energy.

We have been running numerous projects and trials, testing and adopting new technologies including stand-alone power systems and community batteries.

Need more information?

To find out more about how you can partner with us on the 100MW Industry Challenge, please contact Patrick Ragan on 9326 4891 or fill in the form below: