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Transacting with Western Power

Western Power utilises the SAP Ariba Network for transacting with suppliers at all stages of the procurement lifecycle, including

  • tendering
  • contract management
  • catalogue management
  • issuing purchase orders
  • receipt and payment of invoices.

The benefits of using the SAP Ariba Network (eProcurement) include:

  • streamlined purchasing processes that deliver shorter turn-around times in obtaining required goods and services
  • increased transparency in transactions to track the progress of orders
  • improved invoicing capabilities to facilitate faster payments to suppliers.

The benefits allow us to deliver safe, reliable and efficient services to all customers. Our suppliers play an important role in helping us achieve our objectives.

Suppliers who are new or transitioning to transacting with Western Power via Ariba, are required to subscribe to the Ariba system.

SAP Ariba subscription options

The SAP Ariba Network provides two account type options for suppliers to receive orders and submit invoices online:

  • full account, or
  • light account.

The only requirement to use the Ariba Network is an internet connection.

In summary, the differences between these two options are:

Full Account Subscription Light Account Subscription
  • A paid subscription to the Ariba Network, allowing you to receive orders and send invoices online.
  • Online inbox/outbox function that makes tracking business activity easy.
  • Fees payable to Ariba apply where certain transaction thresholds are exceeded.
  • Provides visibility of your invoice status (approved, rejected, paid)
  • For more information on this and any associated fees please visit Ariba Network for Suppliers or email us at
  • A free service offering a ‘light’ version of the Ariba Network, allowing you to receive orders and send invoices online.
  • Primarily email based - no inbox/outbox
  • No fees apply
  • Provides visibility into your invoice status (approved, rejected, paid)

Setting up an Ariba Account

All suppliers not holding an Ariba account are required to choose and register for one of the above two account options for transacting with Western Power. To help in choosing the best account option, supporting information is available under the Ariba supplier guides on this page.

Once your account option has been selected:

New Suppliers: Inform Western Power by following the instructions in the Supplier Accreditation Pack

Existing suppliers: Please provide your Ariba Network Identification (ANID) and an email address registered to your Ariba account to which orders will be sent electronically to