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Procurement opportunity pipeline

To better advise industry, this page displays open and future procurement opportunities. Please note this procurement opportunity pipeline maybe subject to change without notice, where future tenders may not be issued or included in the pipeline. Read more about the procurement opportunity pipeline.

Register your interest in any of the opportunities by completing the supplier registration form.

Suppliers invited to participate in a tender process are required to submit their response via our e-procurement system, Ariba.

Submitting a tender response

If you're invited to participate in a sourcing event, a Sourcing Specialist will send you an invitation email containing a hyperlink to Ariba.

Once you have logged into Ariba you will be guided through the process of submitting a response. If you require assistance, follow the ‘how to’ information within the system, or download a copy of our Ariba e-procurement system instructions.

If further information is required, you can contact Western Power by sending an email to our Ariba Specialist mailbox.

Online auctions

Suppliers may be invited to participate in an online auction during the tender process. To prepare for the online auction refer to the online auction bidders guide.

A demonstration online auction will be arranged prior to the live online auction. It is highly recommended that you participate in the demonstration online auction.

Registrations of Interest

A Market Briefing will be hosted at our Western Power Head Office on Tuesday, 30 July 2019 at 3:00pm AWST.  If representatives from your organisation are not able to attend in person, you are invited to attend as part of a teleconference.  Upon registering your interest in this market event, please email Matthew Torquato for more information about the Market Briefing.


Electricity network operators around the world face a myriad of new challenges from the increase in distributed energy resources (batteries and solar PV) through to the electrification of the transport sector - these changes drive issues that require both local and system-wide responses. As a result, Western Power's network will undergo a significant renewal in the coming decades. This presents opportunities in low-density regional areas where micro-grids and standalone power systems are viable alternatives to traditional network solutions and high-density areas where increased demand will drive network upgrades.

Western Power was recently voted in the top three utilities for using innovation in removing barriers to connecting new energy solutions to our network and was considered to be “leading the pack” when it comes to delivering innovation to our customers.

Simultaneously addressing the challenges facing electricity network operators and demonstrating Western Power’s delivery of innovation, Western Power has developed a system level network modelling capability (referred to as the Grid Transformation Engine or GTEng) that integrates asset maintenance/renewal, network planning and operational planning. Key features of the GTEng are; modelling the electrical performance of Feeders and LV networks, identification of alternative network solutions based on lifecycle cost analysis and planning/optimisation of transition pathways to meet investment constraints. This work has been recognised by Deloitte Australia and Energy Networks Australia as an innovative and essential capability that will support the sector-wide transformation of electricity networks. The GTEng solution is a proof of concept that will be developed into an enterprise capability and embedded in business strategy and planning processes to drive the ongoing evolution of Western Powers network. With significant industry interest in this ground-breaking capability, the Grid Transformation Engine presents a unique opportunity to develop standard tools for use across the sector.

We're seeking registrations of interest from suitably qualified and experienced companies to assist in the continued development and strategic roadmap for the GTEng solution.

This ROI is to engage with vendors with the capability to develop the existing in-house prototype into a framework solution, that will deliver a robust, assured and structured environment required to enable business decision support.

Western Power would like to understand options how such a framework could be developed and delivered by the market including options for partnering. However, the selection will primarily be based on the ability to deliver flexible functionality to support the capabilities required.

To be considered for the inclusion in a planned procurement process, please complete the registration form by 26 July 2019 and include the following details:

  • Section ‘Key products and/or services your organisation can provide’, please include description of areas of expertise and capabilities and include:
      • Brief summary of organisation and business location/s
      • Brief description of the areas of expertise relevant to the above project scope overview
      • Current and previous experience in undertaking projects of this nature
  • Reason for registration: Please select ‘in response to an advertised bid’ and
  • Title of the procurement event: G0475798 SI#4 Decision Support Tools – Grid Transformation Engine - Enterprise

We are seeking registrations of interest from suitably qualified and experienced companies capable of carrying out the immediate manufacture, test and supply of 5 Shunt Reactor units, with the possibility of additional unit purchases to follow.

Type of Shunt Reactors

  • Dry Type Air-core
  • Dry Type Iron-core
  • Dry Type Semi-core
  • Oil-immersed Iron-core

Basic technical parameters

Number of phases



Configuration   Star with unearthed neutral
Rated Frequency Hz 50
Rated voltage kV 22
Rated inductance mH 308.12
Rated current A 131.21
Rated power MVAr 5
Max operating voltage kV 24

The Project Requirements

  • Design, manufacture, test and deliver 5 sets of Shunt Reactor units to the required specifications.
  • Installation and commissioning is expected to be carried out by Western Power personnel.

The Proposal

To be considered for the inclusion in an Expression of Interest, please complete the registration form by 4 July 2019 and include the following information:

  • Under the Reason for Registration, select ‘in response to an advertised bid’ and enter the
    procurement event: Shunt Reactors.
  • Description of expertise in the manufacture, test and supply of Shunt Reactors of this type.
  • Shunt Reactors projects successfully completed including lead times.

Future tenders

Service/product name

Service/product description

Anticipated tender release date

Legal Services Provision of Legal Services in the areas of major/complex matters, general commercial, commercial litigation, employment, property and prosecutions July-2019
Mobile Plant and Equipment Hire Provision of mobile plant and equipment hire services RFP July-2019
Vehicle Body Building Services and Equipment Supply Provision of Vehicle Body Building Services and Equipment Supply July-2019
Grid Transformation Engine Services to assist in the continued development of GTEeng in-house prototype   into a framework solution, that will deliver a robust, assured and structured environment required to enable business decision support. July-2019
Records Management Expression of Interest (EOI) - Offsite records and data tape management services July-2019
Testing and Calibration of Safety and Measurement Equipment Services to include, but are not limited to, the provision of testing and calibrating of safety equipment such as rubber insulated equipment, high voltage operating sticks, insulating sleeves and portable earths, testing and calibrating of measuring equipment such as clampmeters or multimeters, ohmmeters, wattmeters and phase angle indicators, relevant testing and calibration equipment, databases, documents and tools July-2019
Personal Protective Clothing Supply and Delivery of personal protective clothing August-2019
Mail House Services Provision of mail house services August-2019
ICT Infrastructure Managed Services Provision of ICT Infrastructure Managed Support Services for EUC (Desktop), Network, Server, Storage, Service Desk, Security and Service Operations. August-2019
Powerbank Supply for Communities Development of a panel of Suppliers offering different sized solutions for the supply, delivery and installation of Powerbanks across the greater metropolitan area.
These Powerbanks will support the individual communities in providing energy storage facilities for residential Customers.
Steel Fabrication Services Supply and delivery of steel fabricated items including, but not limited to, Structural steelwork - Fabricated from universal columns, beams and channel, Trench covers/Plate work, Structural steelwork - Fabricated from tube and rectangular hollow sections, General jobbing work, Miscellaneous steel work, Delivery to and unloading on-site, Protective coating for structural steel and Hot-dip galvanizing of structural steel August-2019
Aluminium Fabrication Services Supply and delivery of aluminium fabricated items including, but not limited to Busbars, Earthing Stirrups, Flexible laminated connectors, Adaptor palms and support brackets August-2019
Insurance Services Provision of insurance brokering services September-2019
General Hardware Supply and delivery of general hardware items including, but not limited to, insulated and non-insulated hand tools, adhesive tapes, electrical items (non-network related), and general consumable hardware items September-2019
Helicopter Assessment and Audit Services Provision of Services includes, but not limited to, Desktop SHE management system assessments of Helicopter Service Operators, Operational Readiness Audits of the Helicopter Service Operators, Annual SHE compliance audits of the Helicopter Service Operators, consulting advice for incidents and
Helicopter Service Operators’ scope and technical specification changes for the Helicopter Service Operators.
Hire and Maintenance of Emergency Response Mobile Generators Provision of Services includes but not limited to deploying and maintaining bespoke Emergency Response Mobile Generator Sets, to be utilised on Western Power’s electricity network, including Silenced Generators of 300 kVA to 500 kVA, skid mounted that can be secured on suitable transport trailers or loaded on and off Tilt Tray trucks, and Very Silenced Generators of 45 kVA to 100 kVA, mounted on an integrated trailer for towing. October-2019
Standalone Power Systems Development of a panel of Suppliers offering different sized solutions for the supply, delivery and installation of Standalone Power Systems for remote network Customers.
These Standalone Power Systems will support the individual Customers by providing a remote and reliable power source.
Substation Maintenance Services Supply, Deliver, Install and Maintain of minor/major/complex work on Western Power assets. Works include but are limited to replacement, refurbishment, repair, relocation, condition monitoring, maintenance services on assets within Western Power substations. June-2020