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Procurement opportunity pipeline

To better advise industry, this page displays future procurement opportunities. Please note this procurement opportunity pipeline maybe subject to change without notice, where future tenders may not be issued or included in the pipeline. Read more about the procurement opportunity pipeline.

Service/product name

Service/product description

Anticipated tender release date

Surge Arresters

Supply and delivery of transmission and distribution surge arresters.

January 2019
Corrosion Management Services Proviosn of Services includes but not limited to corrosion inspection, assessment and refurbishment of Western Power’s assets including steel poles, lattice towers, foundations and substation primary plant. February 2019
Hire and Maintenance of Emergency Response Mobile Generators Provision of Services includes but not limited to deploying and maintaining bespoke Emergency Response Mobile Generator Sets, to be utilised on Western Power’s electricity network, including Silenced Generators of 300 kVA to 500 kVA, skid mounted that can be secured on suitable transport trailers or loaded on and off Tilt Tray trucks, and Very Silenced Generators of 45 kVA to 100 kVA, mounted on an integrated trailer for towing. February 2019
Substation Maintenance Provision of Services includes , but not limited to Transmission Substation Switching, Tap Changer Maintenance, HV Testing and Minor Transformer Maintenance March 2019

HV and LV Fuses

Supply and delivery of high voltage and low voltage fuses.

March 2019

Testing and Calibration of Safety and Measurement Equipment Services to include, but are not limited to, the provision of testing and calibrating of safety equipment such as rubber insulated equipment, high voltage operating sticks, insulating sleeves and portable earths, testing and calibrating of measuring equipment such as clampmeters or multimeters, ohmmeters, wattmeters and phase angle indicators, relevant testing and calibration equipment, databases, documents and tools April 2019
Transformer Maintenance Services Provision of services on transformer and oil filled reactors including but not limited to refurbishment, repair, strip down, bushing replacement, relocation, condition monitoring and oil handling and treatment May 2019
Supply of Streetlight Columns and Outreaches Supply and Delivery of Streetlight Columns and Outreaches June 2019
Steel Fabrication Services Supply and delivery of steel fabricated items including, but not limited to, Structural steelwork - Fabricated from universal columns, beams and channel, Trench covers/Plate work, Structural steelwork - Fabricated from tube and rectangular hollow sections, General jobbing work, Miscellaneous steel work, Delivery to and unloading on-site, Protective coating for structural steel and Hot-dip galvanizing of structural steel July 2019
Aluminium Fabrication Services Supply and delivery of aluminium fabricated items including, but not limited to Busbars, Earthing Stirrups, Flexible laminated connectors, Adaptor palms and support brackets July 2019
General Hardware Supply and delivery of general hardware items including, but not limited to, insulated and non-insulated hand tools, adhesive tapes, electrical items (non-network related), and general consumable hardware items July 2019
Dx Telecom Network Provision of asset replacement services for distribution telecom equipment August 2019
Helicopter Assessment and Audit Services Provision of Services includes, but not limited to, Desktop SHE management system assessments of Helicopter Service Operators, Operational Readiness Audits of the Helicopter Service Operators, Annual SHE compliance audits of the Helicopter Service Operators, consulting advice for incidents and
Helicopter Service Operators’ scope and technical specification changes for the Helicopter Service Operators.
August 2019

Register your interest in any of the above opportunities by completing the supplier registration form.

Suppliers invited to participate in a tender process are required to submit their response via our e-procurement system, Ariba.

Submitting a tender response

If you're invited to participate in a sourcing event, a Sourcing Specialist will send you an invitation email containing a hyperlink to Ariba.

Once you have logged into Ariba you will be guided through the process of submitting a response. If you require assistance, follow the ‘how to’ information within the system, or download a copy of our Ariba e-procurement system instructions.

If further information is required, you can contact Western Power by sending an email to our Ariba Specialist mailbox.

Online auctions

Suppliers may be invited to participate in an online auction during the tender process. To prepare for the online auction refer to the online auction bidders guide.

A demonstration online auction will be arranged prior to the live online auction. It is highly recommended that you participate in the demonstration online auction.

Open Registrations of Interest

Western Power invites prospective suppliers to 'register your interest' by providing key information to help us understand your business and the types of materials, goods and/or services you offer. Submission of a completed supplier registration does not confirm approval or pre-qualification status on any supplier or guarantee you the opportunity to formally quote for work. The award of any business by Western Power will follow an established procurement process in line with Western Power approved policies, standards and guidelines.

Information received will be treated in confidence but may be disclosed to any part of Western Power as part of the supplier registration process. To ensure that we review the most up to date information, all existing and prospective suppliers should submit a new registration each year, or earlier if there are changes to information previously submitted.

Please complete the online supplier registration form ensuring all mandatory fields have been completed prior to submitting your details. All information is to be completed electronically.

Prior to completing the supplier registration form, Western Power recommends you read the suppliers and tenderers FAQs. If you require further information to complete the form please email Procurement Operations.

We are seeking registrations of interest from suitably qualified and experienced companies capable of providing the following scope of works in Western Powers depots and substations:

Category 1 – General Maintenance/Repair/Modification/Installation Services
a) Concrete work and diamond sawing;
b) Sheet metal work and fabrication;
c) General maintenance (carpentry, painting, glazing, tiling, roofing, gutters, ceilings, floors,
locksmith etc);
d) Equipment and asset relocation;
e) Brick paving/pedestrian walkways;
f) Retaining walls;
g) Asphalt and road repairs;
h) Roller door maintenance;
i) Electric gates;
j) Demolition of structures and buildings;
k) Earthworks and drainage;
l) Refurbishment of existing structures;
m) Structural framing and cladding;
n) Fire system installation, repairs and upgrades;
o) Hydraulics repair and maintenance;
p) Rubbish removal; and
q) Asbestos removal and disposal

Category 2 – General Maintenance/Repairs/Modification/Installation Services - Plumbing
a) Plumbing Services;
b) Pumping out septic tanks;
c) Leach drains; and
d) Refilling water tanks.

Category 3 – General Maintenance/Repairs/Modification/Installation Services- Electrical
a) RCD testing; and
b) General electrical repairs and installations.

Category 4 – General Maintenance/Repairs/Modification/Installation Services - Air-conditioning
a) Service, repair and replacement of existing air conditioning units; and
b) Installation of new air conditioning units.

Category 5 – General Maintenance/Repairs/Modification/Installation Services - Fences
a) Repair existing fences;
b) Modifications to existing fences; and
c) Installation of new fencing.

Category 6 – Pest Control Services (if required)
a) Pest Inspections;
b) Pest Control Reports;
c) Pest Control Treatment Plan;
d) Pest Control Treatments and Barriers; and/or
e) Pest Control Monitoring

The Services will be required for depots and substations located in the following geographic regions that represent the extent of Western Power’s operations:

  • Perth Metropolitan Region (incl. Mandurah)
  • South Country/South West
  • North Country
  • East Country (incl. Kalgoorlie)

We are interested in identifying suppliers that meet the following criteria:

  • can perform all scope categories
  • can perform the works in one or more of the geographical zones
  • are prepared to perform the works in Depots and Substations (refer to SHE Requirements for Contractors for access and accreditation requirements)
  • are prepared to complete and maintain the required Safety, Health and Environment compliance to access and perform the works in depots and/or substations
  • have a regional presence and employ local and indigenous personnel

To be considered, please register your interest by completing the supplier registration form by 18 January 2019.

Please ensure the following details are included in your registration:

  • Brief explanation of the Services you can supply
  • Brief description of your capability and capacity to perform the Services
  • Brief indication of the locations where you can deliver the Services
  • Brief detail of current Safety, Health and Environmental Management System
  • Brief confirmation of whether you subcontract the Services or deliver them in-house
  • Reason for Registration (please select ‘in response to an advertised bid’)
  • Title of the procurement event (please enter ‘SR1546340384 Substation Maintenance Services ROI')

Please contact Eric Gordon at if you have any questions relating to this ROI.

We are seeking registrations of interest from suitably qualified and experienced companies capable of carrying out the development, supply & installation of modular substations.

We are in the process of evaluating alternative options to the preferred Transformer replacement solution. The alternative option being considered for this ROI is the concept and practicality of Modular Substations.

This equipment is expected to replace and upgrade a number of 10MVA, 66/22 kV and 132/22 kV power transformers at existing Western Power substations over the short to long term. The initial installation will occur at the Wagin zone substation.

For the purpose of this project, a Modular Substation is an integrated asset comprised of hybrid HV switchgear, a step down transformer and associated protection and control equipment. The substation is skid mounted and is preassembled for simplification of installation and to minimise on site works, testing, cost and construction lead time.

The Project Requirements

We are seeking registrations of interest for the following project requirements: 

Requirement A: Supply, Install & Commission, of a 10 MVA, 66/22kV modular substation

Requirement B: Supply, Install & Commission, of a 10 MVA, 132/(66)/22kV configurable modular substation

Requirement C:  Supply, Install & Commission, of a 10 MVA, 132/22kV modular substation

 Supply, Install & Commission includes:

  • Design, supply, installation and commissioning of complete modular substation to the required specifications.
  • The modular substation equipment is required to be pre-commissioned prior to delivery.
  • Installation of the modular substation is expected to be carried out by the Supplier. Future relocations will be carried out by Western Power.
  • Integration of the modular substation with Western Power equipment is expected to be carried out by Western Power personnel, with support from the Supplier for final commissioning.

To be considered, please register your interest by completing the supplier registration form by 25 January 2019.

Please ensure the following details are included in your registration:

  • Registration of interest for one or more of the Requirements A, B, C
  • Description of expertise in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of modular substations of this type.
  • Modular Substation Projects successfully completed.
  • Reason for Registration (please select ‘in response to an advertised bid’)
  • Title of the procurement event (please enter ‘Modular Substation Project')

Please contact Simon Hilton at if you have any questions relating to this ROI.