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Placement of power poles

The following policies detail location and set back requirements for poles near roads:

Design software

Design software is available to help road designers determine set backs for various road types (speed and traffic volume) and terrains.

We designed the pole setback calculator to assist in locating poles and other electrical infrastructure near roads and in road reserves.

The use of these set backs reduces the risk of damage to poles and infrastructure, which in turn reduces power interruptions. A local government authority may become liable, under section 52(2) of the Energy Operators (Powers) Act 1979, for the cost of relocating poles and electrical infrastructure if the local government authority widens or alters a road in a way that puts poles and infrastructure at risk of damage.


Use of this calculator will not guarantee that poles and infrastructure will be correctly located or that a local government authority will not become liable for relocation costs. This calculator is not designed to ensure safety for road users (including pedestrians, drivers and passengers) or to minimise the risk of damage to road vehicles and should not be used for those purposes.