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How does Western Power respond to electric shocks?


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How does Western Power respond to electric shocks?

We'll send a network officer out to investigate the electric shock as soon as possible. We may send a fault crew to isolate and make safe prior to the investigation.

We require full access to the site to carry out the investigation. It is best for the property owner or occupier to be in attendance to provide this access. This also enables our investigators to ask questions that will assist with the investigation. If we can’t gain access we are required to isolate the supply to ensure safety until access can be provided.

Our crew will check the connection between the main electricity network (from the street) to where it meets your house. Our experts will be able to identify whether the network connection is the cause of the issue. If the cause is found to be a network issue, our crews will carry out repairs and reconnect the installation.

If it is found that the cause of the electric shock is not due to the network connection, it is likely that the issue is with the wiring in your property and may need to inspected/rectified by a qualified electrician. The responsibility to source and pay for the electrician is with the property owner. If you are renting, this responsibility sits with your landlord and they should be notified immediately so that appropriate actions can be taken to remedy the issue.

To ensure the safety of property occupiers and neighbouring customers, our crews may be required to disconnect your property, or part thereof, from the electricity network. Where internal electrical faults are identified, isolation is required until they can be inspected/rectified by a qualified electrician. These wiring faults can pose a risk for not only the occupants but also neighbouring residents.

We know it can be inconvenient to be without power until the issue is resolved, but it’s essential that you and your family are safe before any reconnection takes place.

If the responsibility is yours or your landlord’s, once your electrician has fixed the wiring issue, they must submit a notice to Western Power to request that your property be reconnected to the main electricity network. Again, this is to ensure the safety of all people involved – you and our field crews alike.