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What more do I need to know about relocating or permanently removing transmission and communication assets?


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What more do I need to know about relocating or permanently removing transmission and communication assets?

We have a team of dedicated Relocation Consultants who work on your behalf to deliver the best service. A Relocation Consultant will be assigned to your project once we receive your relocation enquiry form.

Relocation process overview

Once we've received your Relocation Enquiry Form and Relocation Enquiry Fee, we will provide you with a Works Planning Report. The Works Planning Report provides an indicative +/-50% cost estimate for the relocation works and a documented history of key information and decisions through the initiation, scoping and planning phases of the relocation project.

If you choose to proceed with the relocation works, the next step is to comprehensively scope the work and identify viable relocation options. This is performed in the ‘scoping’ phase.

Once a relocation option has been selected, detailed design is developed during the ‘planning’ phase’. For complex works, a  +/-10% planning estimate may be provided at this stage, however you may choose to omit this estimate if this brings time savings to the delivery of the relocation works. Planning estimates are typically not provided for simple relocation works.  

So that the relocation work is successful, we will request that you undertake any community engagement and obtain all approvals required for the relocation works.

Project timeframes

The time it takes to complete relocation works depends on the scale and complexity of the project.

Additional time will be required for the relocation works if your project requires steel poles or underground cables (or both), as these are manufactured to specific design requirements and are predominantly sourced from overseas.

Indicative timeframes are listed below:

Works type

Indicative timeframe

Wood poles

6 - 12 months

Steel poles

12 - 18 months

Underground cable

18 - 24 months

Relocation Works Contract

Relocation works for the relocation or permanent removal of transmission or communication assets are completed under the Relocation Works Terms and Conditions which are available on the interactive support tool.