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How do I submit my self-read meter information?

If you are a self-reader, you can submit your readings online or over the phone. Dial 1300 662 708 and follow the prompts to submit your readings using your telephone keypad.

You will need your NMI number and meter number.

You can also provide your email address either in the comment section when submitting your readings online, or by contacting us on 13 10 87. We will then email you a reminder when your meter reading is due.

Not sure how to read your own meter? View our guides on how to read your meter.  

Submitting your readings by phone

The phone option is not compatible with meters that have five or more channels or residences with more than one meter.

If you have one of these meters or have multiple meters listed against your NMI you can only submit your reading online.

If you are a self-reader experiencing difficulties and require help, please call 13 10 87.