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How do I read my dial meter?


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How do I read my dial meter?

If you are required to provide Western Power a meter reading, it is important that you understand how to correctly read your power meter. Submitting the correct information, when providing Western Power with your meter reading, will ensure that you are billed accurately.

A clock-face dial meter has four, five or six dials, which alternate in direction. To read your power meter:

  • stand directly in front of the meter
  • starting from the right, read each dial and write down the figures
  • when a dial hand points between two numbers, write down the lower of the two
  • if the hand points between 0 and 1 write down 0, but if the hand points between 0 and 9, write down 9
Diagram 1 Diagram 2
Diagram 1 -  Meter with 27038 reading Diagram 2 -  Meter with 04981 reading
For example, the reading in diagram 1 is 2-70-3-8, that is, 27,038 kilowatt hours (units).
  • when a dial hand appears to be exactly on a number as on dial (D) in diagram 2, look at dial (C) to the right
  • if the hand on dial (C) has not passed 0, the number 5 has not actually been reached on dial (D) and the reading on that dial is the next lower number, 4
  • the reading in diagram 2 is 0-4-9-8-1. That is 4,981 kilowatt hours (units)

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