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As a third party entity, can I retrieve metering data for a customer?


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As a third party entity, can I retrieve metering data for a customer?

Recent amendments to the Electricity Industry Metering Code now allow Western Power to forward metering data to third party entities when an end-use customer has provided their consent.

Before we provide the data, we must have evidence of the customer’s consent from the third party submitting the data provision request.

The end-use customer is strictly defined as the customer listed as the account holder with the relevant retailer.

To request data to be provided, third parties must follow the steps below and submit forms to


Third parties must firstly register with us to allow access to standing and energy data. This registration may allow access to a web portal facility to request and receive data

Verifiable customer consent

To access energy data a third party must provide us with verifiable consent from the customer for the data that relates to the period which the customer is or was associated with the metering point. Mismatch of customer details or mandatory fields that are not provided on consent will result in the rejection of a consent form.

The maximum allowed period of a verifiable consent form is 12 months where a renewal of the consent form is required to be provided to us to prevent expiry of access to customer data.

Dependant upon the volume of data requested, data provision can take up to 10 business days.

We will accept the NMI and or just the Meter number on the consent form, however the customer details must be a match.

Third party charges

The following GST exclusive charges will apply and will be invoiced to the third party on a monthly basis, with consent forms invoiced at the end of each month.

  • Registration Fee of $9.85
  • Verification and processing of a customer consent and a customer consent renewal form will incur a fee of $12.50 per consent form per NMI. This allows unlimited access to meter data for a maximum period of 12 months or by specified time on consent form

Invoices will be sent once amount reaches $150. However pending invoices will be sent by the end of a  financial year or where amounts are outstanding greater than 12 months.

Cancellations and information for customers

Customers seeking to cancel provision of metering data to a third party entity can do so by submitting the attached cancellation form:

Cancellations will automatically occur if a retailer changes customer details within Western Power's Metering Registry. A new customer consent form will be required from the new customer to continue data provision services.

Further information for third parties

A user guide is available below to assist third parties in the process as well as use the Western Power portal

Support information for third parties

Web port access can be made at

Technical support for web portal

Third Party form submission and general enquiries