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Stand-alone power systems - Round 1

An innovative energy alternative for regional customers 

SPS Round 1 follows the success of the 2016 Trial where we installed stand-alone power systems at six properties in the Great Southern region. We are now extending our deployment of SPS to better understand how the systems can be used at scale in a range of locations across our grid. Participants can expect greater reliability and power quality of supply, with the long-term aim of removing the aging poles and wires from their property entirely.

Fifty-seven sites were identified that meet the required eligibility criteria. These locations are serviced by more than 230km of overhead distribution powerlines - that’s four kilometres of powerline per property, all of which needs to be replaced at a significant cost in the coming year.

Participants also come from a more varied energy consumption background, allowing us to deploy a more diverse set of SPS configurations and sizes.

Who is eligible to take part in Round 1?

The success of our first SPS trial has resulted in strong interest from regional families and businesses who would like to have their own system.

At this point only those properties identified and proactively contacted by Western Power are eligible to participate in the project.

We have identified the potential participants based on where single or small clusters of customers are located on long, ageing spur lines which are due for replacement; and their annual energy consumption patterns.

Where will SPS be installed?

Participants are located throughout the South West Interconnected Network in a range of locations from Mullewa in the north, Cranbrook in the south and Bodallin and Bonnie Rock in the east.

June 2019 to early 2020 - Round 1 SPS installation