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PowerBank community battery storage

Exploring how shared battery storage can benefit the community and the network 

Imagine being able to bank your excess solar energy in a shared battery...well that’s what we’re trialling with our PowerBank community battery project.

We’ve partnered with Synergy to install three community-scale batteries utilising Tesla technology:

  1. Meadow Springs, Mandurah: our first trial launched in October 2018 with a 105kW (420kWh) battery.
  2. Falcon, Mandurah: an extension of the Meadow Springs trial with a 116kW (464kWh) battery.
  3. Ellenbrook: our PowerBank 2 trial launched in February 2020 with a 116kW (464kWh) battery

It’s an Australian-first trial to integrate bulk solar battery storage into the existing grid that also provides customers with a retail storage option.

An innovative alternative to solar battery storage at home

Across the three battery projects, up to 192 households will have access to between 6-8kWh of virtual storage in the PowerBank at the cost of $1 to $1.90 per day to store their excess solar energy. It will provide a cost-effective and shared solution to energy storage that benefits both customers and the grid. In the first year of the Meadow Springs trial, 95 per cent of customers saved money on their power bills.

We own and maintain the battery, meaning customers don’t have to outlay the costs of purchasing a behind-the-meter battery.

The project will also support the region’s power supply during times of peak demand – when electricity consumption is at its highest – which is a smarter, customer-focused approach to infrastructure investment in the area.

Falcon PowerBank

An Australian-first bulk battery storage trial in Mandurah

Mandurah is Western Australia’s undisputed leader in the uptake of solar panels and demonstrates the community’s desire to integrate cleaner, renewable energy alternatives into their lives.

The region has also grown considerably in recent years, which is putting extra strain on the existing electricity infrastructure.

So, this trial comes at the perfect time to not only defer expenditure on new electricity infrastructure, but also give our trial participants more choice in how they manage their solar energy.

We are planning to roll out several more community batteries in 2020.

  Meadow Springs Falcon Ellenbrook
Project launch October 2018 November 2019 February 2020
Total battery capacity 105kW (420kWh) 116kW (464kWh) 116kW (464kWh)
Capacity available to customers 8kWh 6-8kWh depending on individual customer needs 6-8kWh depending on individual customer needs
Number of customers 52 Up to 70 Up to 70
Daily access charge $1/day $1.60-$1.90/day depending on capacity required by customer $1.60-$1.90/day depending on capacity required by customer
Results to date
  • Total customer savings - $11,173
  • Average household savings - $228
  • 95% of customers saved on their power bills