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Electric vehicles plug in to the network’s future

The question of ‘if?’ electric vehicles will become mainstream, has changed to ‘when?’.

And Western Power is excited by the growing technology.

In the automotive world, electric vehicles jumped from the ninth ranking trend in 2015 to number one in 2017.

Manufacturers are making more electric or plug-in hybrid models available to tap into customers’ increased desire for cars that have lower emissions and are cheaper to run.

Europe, China and California are leading the charge as more governments are changing policy to incentivise the mass adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Australia is following this global trend to greener transport.

There are 270 electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles in Western Australia across 167 suburbs. (March 2017)

At Western Power, we are on board with this shifting landscape. We have introduced several plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to our fleet.

Our team is actively working to understand the short and long-term effect of a widespread rollout of electric and hybrid vehicles on the electricity network, and how we can ensure both customers and Western Power gets the most out of this technology.

Imagine it the excess power from electric vehicles could be fed back in to the power network?

We build the network to ensure power is available during peak times. But what if instead of building new infrastructure to cater for increased demand as the population increases, we incentivise people to sell their excess power from their electric vehicle back into the network during peak demand? It could be win-win.

We’re driven to build a modular network that give you the freedom to plug in your car and enjoy a network-connected lifestyle.

100% battery electric vehicles use electricity stored in a rechargeable battery to power the electric motor. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles have an option to use the internal combustion engine, which is fuelled like regular cars, or can be powered by a smaller battery which is recharged by plugging into the grid.