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Advanced meters puts the power in your hands

Advanced meters can help unlock the potential of the electricity network and put even more power in the hands of customers.

We're currently in the planning stage to install advanced meters for all new and replacement meters across the network.

This advanced meter program will bring us in line with other energy networks across the world which are taking advantage of smart technology.

Advanced meters will increase billing accuracy by removing the need for account estimates at properties where an advanced meter is installed.

And that’s just the start.

Advanced metering technology will help stimulate the next leap forward in electricity innovation. When combined with other network-connected technologies such as solar, batteries, home automation devices and applications, they can deliver better products and services for you.

They will enable the uptake of new technologies like peer to peer energy sharing, where you could potentially sell the excess energy stored in your home battery to neighbours and strangers alike. You’ll know how much you need, then sell what’s left – or even donate it if you feel charitable.

We can also use data from an advanced meter to know if a connection to a home or business may not be working properly and send a crew out to investigate. This early warning system can provide a more efficient and safer service – potentially preventing faults and reducing the need for maintenance. 

We see advanced metering as an important part of our network’s future - a part that can help you take greater control of your energy needs.

From 2009 to 2012, we installed more than 9,000 advanced meters in homes as part of the Perth Solar City energy efficiency initiative, which we managed on behalf of the Australian Government. The advanced meters enabled participants to actively manage their electricity use. When combined with other energy efficiency activities, participants reduced their electricity use by $25-$1,000 per year.