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Powering the electric vehicle revolution

Taking charge with electric vehicles

The Jetsons predicted we’d all be flying cars by now, and although we’re not there yet, there’s another technological advancement that’s propelling a more eco-friendly way to get around – it’s electric vehicles.

Owning an electric vehicle (EV) is gaining momentum in Australia, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s greener, cheaper to maintain and by 2025 it’s expected the price of an EV will match that of a conventional car.

According to the Electric Vehicle Council, the difference in running costs is astronomical. Did you know it only costs $0.33 per elitre to run an EV compared with $1.19 per litre to run a car on fuel? Not bad.

Here at Western Power, we’re charging ahead by making it more accessible for electric car owners to charge their EVs, with a reliable, steady power supply from the grid.

EVs run purely on battery power, which means you don’t need to fill up on petrol or diesel. Instead, you use an EV charger and plug your car into an electric vehicle charging point – at home or in the community – to juice it up.

Then there are plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), which have an electric motor and petrol/diesel engine. It uses electricity from the grid to externally recharge the battery, and it can switch to the conventional petrol engine as a backup, where the battery can be charged on-board.

Increasingly more electric car charging stations are popping up around the Perth metro area and regionally.

It’s easy to keep track of where you can charge your EV using the free charging station map via the PlugShare app, and on the Electric Vehicle Council website.

Having an electric car doesn’t mean forgoing road trips. In fact, you can plan an entire trip around Australia in your EV using the crowd sourced app.

The RAC Electric Highway – the first of its kind in Australia, also makes travelling down south with an EV possible. Electric car owners have access to fast charging stations scattered en route from Perth to the South West, as far as Augusta.

As a member of the Electric Vehicle Council, we’re committed to doing our bit to power electric vehicles and support sustainable road transport.

Connecting your EV to the grid is easy. Find out more about the future of powering electric vehicles in WA.

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Learn more about the future of grid-powered electric vehicles in WA.

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