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New meter installations

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You want to install, remove or relocate metering equipment that is above standard supply

How much will it cost?

We will provide you with a quote

How long will it take?

  • 3 weeks to provide you with a quote
  • 10 weeks for construction

What if I change my mind or want to cancel my application?

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What will I need to complete this application?


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New meters can only be collected and installed for new installations (not existing) by electrical contractors who have Service Apparatus Connection Scheme accreditation.

Apply for a new meter installation

Meters can be collected in person from one of the distribution outlets below.

Metro Phone No
204 Bannister Rd, Canning Vale 9311 6500
53 Office Rd, Kwinana 9439 1799
819 Marshall Rd, Malaga 9208 7300
48 Reserve St, Mandurah 9582 0733
U1/50 Discovery Drive, Bibra Lake  9331 7575
U1/16 Fortitude Blvd, Gnangara  9302 6450
29 Farrall Road, Midvale 9250 3040
2 Colin Jamieson Drv, Welshpool 9458 6788


Regional Phone No
194 Albany Hwy, Albany 6820 2000
11 Clifford St, Bunbury 9725 5300
115 Flores Rd, Geraldton 9921 1533
11 Wilurarra Rd, West Kalgoorlie 9026 4000
Electrical Distributors
15 Trumper Drive, Busselton 9754 1911
U2/40 Station Rd, Margaret River 9758 8011
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