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Kalbarri microgrid project

Project name

Kalbarri Microgrid Project

Project location


Description of the works

On 28 November 2016 Energy Minister Mike Nahan announced the Kalbarri microgrid project. A new $5 - $10 million project which will improve electricity reliability for residents and holiday makers in the coastal town of Kalbarri, over 500km north of Perth.


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Our engagement

Engagement with the community and stakeholders was a vital aspect of the Kalbarri microgrid feasibility study and feedback will continue to be sought as the project progresses.

The engagement process has included community meetings, engagement with the Shire of Northampton, the Mid West Development Commission, and regular meetings with the Community Reference Group.


Site map for Kalbarri mircogrid project

Project timeline

The announcement followed a 6-month $300,000 feasibility study, which confirmed the network capacity to integrate a microgrid.

Western Power is now in the process of procurement to clarify costs and funding options. The intention is to have the contracts in place and the project underway by 2017.


Improved reliability

Kalbarri is currently supplied by a 140km long rural feeder from Geraldton which is exposed to environmental factors. The feeder’s length and remoteness can lead to extended outages.

Western Power has invested $2.5million on new poles and wires, along with $750,000 on line washing, applying silicon and vegetation management since 2014. However, reliability will be improved further with the development of a microgrid.


For more information on the project please refer to the Kalbarri Feasibility Study or read our blog post, Kalbarri microgrid: Greater than the sum of its parts.