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Your chance to host the Shockproof launch

Be the first to officially try Western Power’s FREE electrical safety program, Shockproof.

In term four we will be launching a new online e-learning program, aimed at primary school students from Pre-Primary to Year six.

Shockproof teaches students:

  • Western Power's role
  • What makes up the electricity network
  • How to make circuits
  • What to do in an electrical emergency
  • Safety around the home

This new website is designed to help students understand electricity and how it works, challenging them to apply this learning to scenarios and fun games.

Teachers have the ability to set their class up on the website and track the progress of each student taking part in the program.

Your chance to host the Shockproof launch

The Shockproof! Program will be launched in the week commencing 16th October. We are giving one lucky school the opportunity to be the first to try the new website, including a visit from the Shockproof mascot, Lochie the Liney, school resource pack and more.  

Entries close 5pm September 21, so don't miss out on this opportunity to help us keep your students and the community safe.

To be in the running simply answer a few simple questions below. 

Below is the range of Shockproof resources available for your school

Note below the quantities of each resource you would like to be posted out