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Stories from the grid: A fresh angle on our energy future

By Peter Kerr
Head of Stakeholders & Communications 


What does a love triangle, mad scientist and a Sunday session have to do with the future of energy in Western Australia? Everything!

We have launched a series of quirky, short videos that demonstrate how Western Australia’s energy landscape is evolving and how we’re playing a leading role. 

Renewable energy, peer to peer energy sharing, emerging technology – it’s all part of the Western Power network, along with the 24/7 all-weather service we’re known for.

The small stories captured in the videos – combined with supporting information in our Energy Solutions web section – help make up the larger Western Power story. We’re the same trusted and reliable network – but with a cleaner, greener and tech-savvy edge. 

The videos have been produced with a tone and style that demonstrates the shift in our thinking.

We’re celebrating the grid and all of its moving parts – the excitement of melding new and existing technology, the demand from customers for greener energy solutions and our smart people who work behind the scenes to harmonise the flow of electrons through the network to bring power to you. 

By using drone videography, the videos highlight the scale and scope of our network – we have more than 1.1 million customers connected through 101,000km+ worth of powerlines.

Yeah, big…

The size and uniqueness of our network does open the door for innovative trials and projects that allow us to challenge the old way of network building.  

We’re now in a time where we think being grid-connected doesn’t necessarily mean having a physical connection to the rest of the network.

Stand-alone power systems and microgrids have opened the door for more autonomous energy solutions that can give our customers a more reliable power supply and can actually keep network infrastructure costs down.

It’s going to be quite a ride – and we want you on board.

Visit our Energy Solutions section to explore our current projects and trials, and discover the curious, quirky grid stories that lurk within.

We’ll be adding new videos, articles, thought pieces and more over the coming months to keep talking about our evolving energy future.

It’s ON.

What’s driving this?

Research shows us that 85% of customers think Western Power should invest in new technology to improve power reliability and 81% want us to play a role in WA’s energy future.

You also tell us you’re more interested in renewable energy as part of your power supply.

The good news is we’re already doing this. We just haven’t been talking about it enough to show you we are evolving.

Our response: It’s ON!