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Let the Hackathon begin

The brightest minds from WA’s business, academia and technology communities have accepted the challenge to hack in to the design of the Western Power grid – all in the name innovation.

More than 10 teams have locked themselves away for a 36 hour hackathon, with the aim of solving the challenge “How can Albany achieve energy self-sufficiency?”

Western Power Executive Manager of Change and Innovation Fiona Bishop said the future of energy networks will be driven by customer choice, with sustainable energy options having a large part to play. The Hackathon is designed to challenge and encourage discussion to help unlock the full potential of the grid.

“We don’t have the one traditional type of customer anymore. The options on how the businesses, as well as the mums and dads, of WA use and can even generate their energy is changing rapidly,” Ms Bishop said.

“Increasingly energy networks will act as platforms for retail and residential customers to choose how they want their electricity supplied and delivered.

“The Hackathon is designed to say to the innovators and energy pioneers that, with the emergence of microgrids, stand-alone power systems, blockchain and residential generation solutions – the Western Power grid is open for business.”

Teams will spend this Thursday and Friday designing potential solutions and validating ideas, before presenting solutions to a panel of experts on Friday afternoon.

The top four proposals will pitch to an expert panel of Western Power executives and state and national innovation leaders on 10 April.