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Additional Western Power crews for Mid West

Western Power is bringing in extra crews to help overcome power problems being caused by high humidity in the Kalbarri region.

Regional North Manager, Adrian Stewart said some of these extra crews will be assisting with washing lines and coating pole top equipment with silicone.

“We’ve had an extra crew from Jurien Bay working in Kalbarri since Monday and the first Perth based crews arrived last night who are equipped to work on live power lines. This reduces the need to turn off power while repairs are undertaken.

“In addition to those resources we have further crews arriving from Perth today and tomorrow and they will be focussing on the line washing and silicone coating.

“Since seven o’clock this morning we have a the helicopter patrolling lines again to check for new damage. So far they haven’t found anything significant which is good news”, he said.

Line washing and spraying silicone over the top of pole equipment reduces the risk of electricity arcing in humid conditions. Silicone coating is expected to be effective for a number of years.

Many of the lines in the Kalbarri region were last coated around 4 years ago.

“Unfortunately the weather forecast is for several more days of humid conditions which we expect will impact power in many areas of the Mid-West,” Mr Stewart said.