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White Gum Valley

Shared energy storage systems

In most cases you’d have to be pretty good friends with your neighbour to install a shared energy storage system.

Western Power and Curtin University is making sharing resources easier with the trial of a solar powered microgrid and battery storage system.

The system is being built into a new residential complex in White Gum Valley, near Fremantle.

The residents of the 80 dwellings, including units and townhouses will be part of a microgrid that will make use of energy captured through their solar panels as well as energy provided via the main grid.

The system will allow peer-to-peer trading of electricity between residents and is expected to provide about 70 per cent of the energy needs of the complex.

There will also be the option of allowing excess electricity to be sold back to the Western Power network.

Backed by Federal Government funding, the project is breaking new ground by incorporating the innovative power system as part of the overall property development.

It could revolutionise future strata developments, as project developers increasingly include solar panels in their designs.

The setup includes a 300kWh battery storage system and 150kW of solar panels.

It will not only allow residents to get the most out of the network but will act as a important test for the grid in trading energy between households.