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Stand-alone power systems

Powering isolated homes on the network fringe

Whether you live out in the bush or in a big city, electricity is essential to live in relative comfort.

Stand-alone power systems are not connected to the main power grid but could be an option for those on the fringe of the main power network.

They use a combination of decentralised electricity generation and a battery to provide enough electricity to supply a single household.

The system is most likely to consist of solar panels, a battery, an inverter and a backup diesel generator.

The solar panels generate electricity from the sun which could be used straight away, or stored in the battery to be used at a later time.

When the battery is completely discharged and the sun’s not shining, the generator will kick in to meet the household’s needs.

The size of the system can be matched to the use of the household to ensure it is fit for purpose.

These systems are a good solution in instances where homes are isolated and serviced by very long stretches of powerlines.

Long lines in country areas are more exposed to wind, rain, vegetation and lightning, and are more likely to experience interference.