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Renewable energy

Connecting homes to energy from renewable sources

Western Power plays a crucial role in connecting households to large scale generators of renewable energy.

Anything from microwaving your leftovers to running a car engine can be powered by wind, sun or water.

The grid is the conduit between energy conscious households and electricity generated from renewable sources.

The changing energy landscape

Energy supply from renewable sources can be intermittent. Solar power decreases on a cloudy day and turbines won’t turn without wind.

Network operators have to match electricity generated with demand in real time, which makes managing renewables slightly more challenging than baseload power.

Now, new systems are allowing energy to be stored for use at a later date.

Diverse energy supplies

About 20 per cent of all Western Australian homes have solar panels connected to our network, and we know this number will continue to grow.

As more people adopt solar power, the grid of the future goes beyond connecting people with energy and becomes an energy trading platform.

Access to a variety of energy sources will allow us to increase the reliability of connections.

By diversifying our energy generation mix, and the way we connect people with electricity, we can adapt to the changing energy needs of our community.

Western Power has a role to play in efficiently connecting people to all types of energy sources.

The nature of energy is changing and we are embracing the opportunity that this brings.


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